VNC setup isn't working, Still get denied error

I followed these steps exactly, and still vnc tells me that my nano denied connection. any ideas?

running Latest jetpack as of 12/22/21 on a Jetson nano 4gb with fresh install. nothing else has been done yet, because I want to run headless first.

Hi @wmswan43,

You posted in the DOCA category, this topic will be better served in the Jetson Nano forum.
I will go ahead and move it over for you.

Tom K

Just to check your current state, you can ssh to the board but the VNC fails?

Could you share all the commands related to VNC setting you have entered to the board?

Thanks guys, I figured it out though. Forgot about ever posting this.

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Hello @wmswan43 what did you do to make this work?

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