Jetson NANO 2GB VNC Connection Times out


I have a fresh install of the Jetson NANO 2GB image on the SD Card. I did the setup and everything works fine but for some reason VNC simply won’t work. The connection just times out.

I followed the following tutorial command by command:

Then, I installed xrdp, that works fine with the IP address. I can ping the Jetson NANO 2GB’s IP address but when connecting to the same IP address via VNC, the connection simply times out, its like it doesn;t exist. Anyone got any idea what is causing this? It’s like the VNC server is not running?

I don’t know much about xrdp, but how about your run the vino-server application manually in a terminal and let your client app connect to it?

The log on the terminal may tell what is going on there.

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Thanks, but in the end, I had to find a friend’s spare display, connect to it, set the user account to login automatically and then I was able to VNC into the Jetson Nano each time it starts up.

So even for the headless setup, I guess you still need a display to get VNC running properly.

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