VPI Dense Opt Flow example

I’m trying to run this example on my Xavier NX with JP 4.6.1:

But I get error: ‘vpi.Image’ object has no attribute ‘rlock_cpu’. what’s the problem and how to solve it?

We don’t observe the issue. Attach the log for reference:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:/opt/nvidia/vpi1/samples/13-optflow_dense$ sudo ./vpi_sample_13_optflow_dense nvenc ../assets/pedestrians.mp4 high
[sudo] password for nvidia:
NVMEDIA_ARRAY:   53,  Version 2.1
NVMEDIA_VPI :  172,  Version 2.4
Processing frame 1
Processing frame 2
Processing frame 3
Processing frame 4
Processing frame 5
Processing frame 6
Processing frame 7

I’m sorry, but there is no ‘samples’ under ‘vpi1’ folder, only vpi_demo_stereo & vpi_demo_remap.

Do you use Xavier NX emmc and flash the rootfs to the emmc? Seems like the installation is not complete. Probably it is due to insufficient freespace.

Well, guess I’ve got the point. I use microSD and flash it with BalenaEtcher and JetPack4.6.1 image.

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