Vr pipeline tool

Does anyone @nvidia have time to quickly create a VR export tool to go from Omniverse create/machinima/xr to Oculus Media Stuio for Meta TV on Oculus Quest 2?

Ideally the camera rig would be created and I could upload equirectangular footage 360 top bottom or 180 left right directly rendered from omniverse which I could then bring a png sequence into Adobe Media encoder or Hybrid and add the VR metedata - even better, remove adobe/hybrid from the workflow and add the metadata in Omniverse for VR video.

Sending love! You guys rock.

Oculus (Meta) Upload Specifications

File Type / Container


Supported Formats

2D Monoscopic
3D Stereoscopic Top-bottom

Frame Rate

Recommended 30fps or 60fps, minimum 23fps

Pixel Format

Yuv 420p

Recommended Duration

Up to 30 minutes at 3840 resolution or 15 minutes at 5760 resolution and above. Longer videos may experience longer processing times.


Recommended 25-60 Mbps

File Size

Up to 10GB. Larger file sizes may experience longer upload and processing times.

Stereo Audio

AAC 128-384 kbps (>192 kbps recommended)

Spatial Audio

Option 1: Facebook 360 Audio (8-ch/10-ch) spatial audio. Learn more about spatial audio creation using the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation Tools.
Option 2: First order ambisonics (4-ch ACN/SN3D), AAC


2D Monoscopic: minimum 3840x1920, recommended max 7200x3600
3D Stereoscopic Top-bottom: minimum 3840x3840, recommended max 5760x5760

Aspect Ratio

2D Monoscopic: 2:1
3D Stereoscopic Top-bottom: 1:1

Projection Format


Hello @garretthoyos! Thank you for the request. I have sent this over to the development team!

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A feature request ticket was generated from this post. OM-66059: Vr pipeline tool

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