VS 2010 Cuda + OpenGL interop

Hey there.
im currently working on my final project which is generating a FRACTAL model with LOD(level of detail) algorithms, when it’s all calculated in parellel way using CUDA technology and drawing it back using OpenGL Library.
i’ve been spending some time to look for a suitble tutorial for setting up a VISUAL STUDIO 2010 project which supports both CUDA and OpenGL at the time(in other words, CUDA OPENGL interop) ,but most of the tutorials which i found
(if im not mistaken, taken from Nvidia site) didn’t work , because everytime i tried to execute the SLN(and vcprj) file , it came up with an error that some files were missing and the project couldn’t be loaded.

i will be more than thankful for a good tutorial which explains how to set up a project that supports both CUDA and OpenGL.

thanks for the Helpers!