VS crashes when using "Start Debugging" (F5)

Can someone help me on this one? Whenever I click on the “Start Debugging” button, VS hangs, gives no reasons why and I have to force close VS.

Something I havent set up correctly in the environment?

Thank you


Hi Kirk,

We need a little more information about your environment before we can address this issue. What version of VS are you using? Is it the Shell, Premium or Professional? RTM or an SP? What version of PVF? What operating system are you running? Are you testing with a simple hello world program?

You shouldn’t have to do anything special with your environment in order for PVF to debug correctly, so we’ll have to try to figure out what is causing this behavior on your system.


Windows 8
PVF 13.10
VS Shell 2012 (Integrated) downloaded from PGI v11.0.50727.1 RTMREL

Please note that I am able to compile and run with “Start without Debugging” (ctrl+F5). It is just when I try to run with “Start Debugging.”

The problem is persistent for any program… Hello world, or likewise.

Thank you for your help,


Do you need any other information than what I had posted?


The same problem!! whenever I use debug, VS 2012 would hang~I do not know why!!!

Hi gongze,

We’re still unable to recreate this hang so don’t know what’s causing it. We’ve contacted Microsoft asking for ideas and help.


I have the same problem. I am using VS Professional 2013 with PGI Visual Fortran 2013 and MS-MPI. I can run without Debug but run with Debug just hangs. The only way out is to kill VS via the task manager. I am using PGI Visual Fortran because I want to debug MPI code. This problem makes PGI as useless as Intel to me.