Vulkan 1.2 crashes with ray queries on 1060

Hi, I attempted to run new GL_EXT_ray_query sample code ( ) on my Pascal 1060. The ray query sample crashes on pipeline creation when using the new ray query functions and runs fine without them. Is it possible the ray queries arent supported on my pascal hardware even tho VkPhysicalDeviceRayTracingFeaturesKHR says it is? The GLSL code in question is this:

// Initializes a ray query object but does not start traversal
rayQueryEXT rayQuery;
rayQueryInitializeEXT(rayQuery, topLevelAS, gl_RayFlagsTerminateOnFirstHitEXT, 0xFF, origin, tMin,
direction, tMax);

// Start traversal: return false if traversal is complete

// Returns type of committed (true) intersection
if(rayQueryGetIntersectionTypeEXT(rayQuery, true) != gl_RayQueryCommittedIntersectionNoneEXT)
// Got an intersection == Shadow
outColor *= 0.1;

Thanks for your help.