Vulkan compute GPU trace - "No data source is available"

I’m trying to profile my application which uses Vulkan compute shaders. It’s a command-line app, which uses Vulkan only for compute - it doesn’t do any rendering.

When I attach to the process and click the “Collect GPU trace” button, I get an error that says “No data source is available - make sure the application is using a supported API”.

I’m using an RTX 4060 on Windows 10. I have the latest driver installed.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi rjinman,

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and providing us your feedback. To use GPUTrace for non rendering apps (no frame/swap buffer), you can try these:

  • Goto the GPUTrace activity’s setting page
  • Scroll down, find “Start After” in “Trace Settings” sub panel, choose “Submit Count”, modify other options in “Trace Settings”
  • Launch app with GPUTrace as usual


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