Waveshare Jetson Nano


Does anyone have any experience with the waveshare Jetson nano dev kit? Is it 1 to 1 compatible with the Nvidia SDK?

Thank you!

May other developers help to share eperiences, or you can find if any useful info from Search results for ‘waveshare #jetson-embedded-systems:jetson-nano’ - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Can you link to exactly which Waveshare product you are referring to? I can point you to some feedback on one specific kit but it may not be relevant.

Thanks both . I’m refering to this kit https://www.waveshare.com/jetson-nano-dev-kit-a.htm

@kayccc I did do quite a bit of searching and wasn’t able to get much feedback on this particular board, more on other accessories.

I remember seeing a Yahboom branded board that had the same pin header as that Waveshare one.

The difference with the Yahboom one was (I think) was that it could not power via USB, it had to be via the Jack. and the Yahboom one had onboard 16Gb eMMC with no SD Card slot.

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