What does it mean by "Set OptiX_INSTALL_DIR to wherever you installed OptiX" in the optix_advanced_samples/INSTALL-WIN.txt?

Hello, I’m trying to run the optix_advanced_samples . What does it mean by “Set OptiX_INSTALL_DIR to wherever you installed OptiX” in the optix_advanced_samples/INSTALL-WIN.txt? Is “OptiX_INSTALL_DIR” an environment variable? Thank you so much.

It’s a variable inside the CMake build script.
If you follow the INSTALL-WIN.txt it starts with this:
[b]Instructions for building:

  • Start up cmake-gui from the Start Menu.[/b]

Everything after that to configure and generate a Visual Studio solution happens in that CMake GUI program.

After setting the source and binary directories for the solution at the top, clicking configure and selecting a 64-bit MSVS version, there should appear an “OptiX_INSTALL_DIR” variable in the CMake GUI list where you can enter or browse the folder with the OptiX SDK you want to use (OptiX 5 or 6 versions only at this time.) Similar for all other dependencies, click configure and enter the resp. folders or library paths until all things are found, then click generate to create the solution.

Please note that there are only OptiX Advanced Samples which are compatible with the OptiX 5 and 6 API versions at this time. They have been built against the OptiX 5 SDK originally and are also not using the GeometryTriangles, yet, which had been added to OptiX 6 to make full use of the RTX hardware triangle intersection.
Please refer to the individual OptiX SDK examples for specific features.