What driver necessary for GTX 770 with Iray 2016.3

Hello Everyone,

I already asked this question a few days ago in the Geforce forums but it seems that there is nobody who can answer my question.


I am trying to get Iray working in DAZ Studio and am currently using geforce driver 368.22
according to the log file DAZ Studio is using “iray plugin version 4.5, build 278300.4305 n, 30 Nov 2016” which I believe is the same as Iray 2016.3
I read in some forum post that the Iray release notes should state the minimum driver version necessary. Unfortunately those only seem to be accessible for registered developers, which is why I post this question in this forum. I believe most of you are able to get there hands on those (I seriously wonder why Nvidia and/or DAZ 3D doesn’t make this critical information publicly available).
If the GTX 770 still has no support for this Iray version I rather not update my drivers yet because of the difficulty to get my 4k TV working again at 60fps.

Thanks in advance