What is good used Python Version 2.7? 3.9?


Now I got Jetson nano.

Already install Ubuntu.

and python 2.7

but last version is 3.9. need upgrade? or just use 2.7?

Thank you for read


Please use python3.
Python2.7 is EOL for a while.


Thank you~

Python3 any version is ok?

I got 3.6.9 on Jetson Nano.

but last version is 3.10.4

If you want to use PyTorch or TensorFlow, I recommend sticking with Python 3.6 on Nano, because the pre-built PyTorch and TensorFlow wheels are provided for Python 3.6 (the TensorRT and VPI modules are also provided for Python 3.6).

It looks like Python 3.8 is the latest version of Python included in the Ubuntu 18.04 apt repo (that’s not to say that you couldn’t install newer versions of Python another way)

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