What is the procedure to update the driver for mlx5-core?

driver: mlx5_core

version: 4.1-1.0.2 (27 Jun 2017) -->> Needs upgrade to 4.4-1.0.0 (HOW??)

firmware-version: 14.20.1010 (MT_2470111034) → Upgraded to firmware-version: 14.24.1000 (MT_2420110034) . THis is done.

Is there a separate procedure after FW is upgraded to upgrade Driver as well?

Hello John,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Based on the information provided, you managed to upgrade to f/w of the adapter successfully.

For upgrading the driver, please download the driver version you want to install and follow the installation instructions mentioned in the UM → https://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_software/Mellanox_OFED_Linux_User_Manual_v4_4.pdf , Chapter 2. Installation.

We recommend to stop the driver first and them run the installation script. The installation script will remove the previous version of the driver and will install the new version.

Example syntax:

# /etc/init.d/openibd stop

# <path to new MLNX_OFED driver s/w>/mlnxofedinstall -vvv

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support