What is the real power of TX1,especially the power of GPU & CPU

While Using Power Monitior - INA3221 to monitor CPU AND GPU Related Voltage and Current, I found that the voltage of each power rail is about 19V, which is reasonable.However , when it comes to the current, I got the current is about 1.6A, which means the power of CPU or GPU is about 30W, and I feel confused when I read the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Product OEM Design Guide, the scale of power is 6W~15W.

In Addition, I got the data from i2c port of INA3221, and the current sense resistors of the three channels are 0.02ohm, 0.01 ohm, 0.01 ohm , according to the Page 19 of NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Product OEM Design Guide

I do not know about actual power consumption, but one does have to be careful to separate power measurement to not include anything powered by USB, SATA, or PCIe. For USB you can use an externally powered HUB to eliminate measuring power consumption via Jetson rails.