What no stuff means in schemtics

Hello this is student developer who is interested in making jetson nano device.
While watching Jetson Xavier Carrier Board schematics, I see this ‘no stuff’ all around.
Would somebody tell me what this is? Is it some sort of “not connected”?

That means to keep pads of “no stuff component” on board but not mount the component indeed.

What do you mean of keep pads? Are that means I have to leave a footprint when I develop my board?

Yes, it is backup design. You can remove that as needed.

I got it. thanks.
Can I ask you one more?
In the schematic, I saw PCB co layout.
What is this means? Do I have to make inductance using copper trace? or Do I have to put inductor in another copper layer?

Co layout means two components share all/partial layout, you can see and understand that in assembly file or pcb file.

One More Thing. The Inductors on HDMI says about CHANGED. What does that mean?

Which ones do you mean? Please list the part number.

Inductors on HDMI schematic (Concept_schematics document) L29, L30… L35 says 0 ohm Changed, while in OrCAD schematic document says 4nH and in BOM they are just 0R jumpers, are they resistors or inductors?

Which schematic do you mean? There is no L29…L35 in P2822 schematic.

Please refer to the OEM Design Guide for better understanding on this.