Questions about HDMI / PCB CO-LAYOUT


I’m trying to better understand the PCB CO-LAYOUT shown on the HDMI section of the Jetson Nano developer’s kit schematics:

I can see on the Product Design Guide (Table 7-10 / RS section) that we need series resistors, mandatory for HDMI 2.0. But the inductors shown on the schematics are not fully clear to me. Are they just representing the PCB traces?

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You can refer to the P3449 PCB file in carrier board design files package in DLC. Co-lay means resistor and inductor share pads.

That was my 1st thought. But when I search the development kit’s BOM for the inductors (L32-L35), I can’t find them. Also, looking at the development kit itself, I can only see the resistors (R385-R392), which are on the BOM. But no inductors.

The P3449 PCB file does shows the designators L32-L35 in between the R385-R392 resistors. But they’re not on the development kit itself, neither on the BOM. Only the resistors.

Co-lay means to keep pad not to mount two components simultaneously. The inductors are necessary when there is signal quality issue.

Thanks Trumany, that clears it all.

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