Why J6A and J6B? (HDMI/DisplayPort)


I’m a bit confused by the Jetson Nano developer’s kit schematics. The developer’s kit has one HDMI connector labelled J39 and one DisplayPort connector labelled J6 (both stacked on one single part). But on the schematics it shows this:

On the image we can see J39 (the HDMI connector) on top, but then there’s J6A and J6B. J6A has the same HDMI signals as J39 and only 19 pins (as an HDMI connector). J6B has the 20-pin DisplayPort format.

As the J39 + J6A are labelled “Co-layout”, I assume they’re just the same and that I should simply disconsider J6A. But I’d like to confirm before I proceed.

Why there is J39, J6A and J6B, and not just simply J39 and J6?

Thanks for your help!

In fact, it is J6 only as you can see in concept schematic. You can find detail info in PCB file.

Well, I checked the PCB file and I see this:

It only shows J6 and J39, and no J6A/J6B. Is this the PCB file you mentioned? Other than that I only have the Gerber files for this board, which on the top silkscreen also only has J6 and J39.

Yes as said, only J6.

So, to clear it, on the schematics I can just disconsider J6A and assume J6B is simply J6?

Please just follow the reference schematic and pcb layout routing.

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