When I use CAN bus by DBC file, something wrong happen....

Firstly Download the source code in the below link.

as the introduction,when I use the file “dbc_load_0” to load dbc file, I can’t load it. so can you help me for how to solve the problem.

 if(argc != 1)
    if(NULL == (dbc_cfg_fd = fopen(argv[1],"r")) )  /*Always enter this branch */
        printf("***dbc config file open failed!\n");
        printf("Now no dbc file is loaded\n");
        Dbc_load(dbc_cfg_fd,dbc_cfg_rdbuf,BO_List);//read dbc
        printf(">>>dbc config file loaded\n");
        dbc_falg = 1;

Hi hongmin,

We don’t use DBC file to use CAN bus. We install can-utils package and use candump, cansend commands for CAN communication.
Let me know what you are trying to do so that I can help you more.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubhi Garg