When will there be a Epic Games Unreal Engine 5.4 Omniverse Connector?

As UE was updated today - when will the Connector be updated? Thanks.

We cannot give a timeline for this. Does the connector not work with this version ?

Hello @snahbah , we’re working on the 5.4 Connector, but as @Richard3D indicated we don’t give timelines for future releases. Thanks for the question, follow the update topic to get an email when we release updates: Epic Games Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector Updates - #33 by LouRohan

Just a note, the next hotfix we release will probably not include 5.4 support, so read the release notes carefully.

Is there a work around to get Audio2Face in 5.4 by recording into 5.3 and transferring data to 5.4?

Worth having a look I guess 👍

Yeah, it’ll be an animation sequence uasset of 5.3, it should work in 5.4 as well.

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Yes. As a general rule, if you cannot get a 3rd party app to work with a new version of software, use the previous version of the software, save it, and let the software vendor “auto upgrade” from the old version to the new. So in other words, use our connector for 5.3 and then if you “must” use 5.4 just open the 5.3 in UE 5.4 and it should auto upgrade. But be warned it will not work in reverse.

What is in 5.4 that you MUST use over 5.3 ?

I work in a professional creative environment and will leap on greater stability and faster render times. This should be obvious to anyone – we will make more money.

Having to run dual projects is a pretty crappy suggestion – have you any idea how large these files are or how a collaborative studio workflow operates?

Unreal 5.4 is been on the radar for the best part of a year, Surely it’s not beyond the wit of man, there are connectors etc for most previous versions.

So, when can we expect Nvidia to catch-up and release updates?

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Thanks, fingers crossed it’s soon :)

Understood, but since 5.3 only came out in September last year and 5.4 literally just came out, there must be some time for 3rd party develepment cycles. And if I were honest, most studios only “test” the latest version but produce on the last version for stability and compatibiility, for exactly this kind of reason. There is a reason they call it “bleeding” edge. :-)

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And is massively unstable. From our testing 5.4 is working well – huge speed advantage and less prone to falling over.