Where Can I Find Details On Cuda 5 Features From A Developer Viewpoint

Maybe a development version of cuda 5.0 would be good. I am a registered developer. Can I use version 5.0 with ifdef on CUDA_VERSION to make my existing stuff work while I bring in new features?
What other dynamic parallelism tutorials for Kepler and Cuda 5.0 are out there?

Have you seen this one: http://developer.download.nvidia.com/assets/cuda/files/CUDADownloads/TechBrief_Dynamic_Parallelism_in_CUDA.pdf

Thanks - I will read that . but Where is the prototype Cuda 5.0 and the details about how it will work. I guess I want more about it too.

The CUDA 5.0 preview can be downloaded from the registered developer website. Start at developer.nvidia.com, there is a green link in the upper right corner “Registered Developer Website”. If you are not yet a registered developer, now may be a good time to sign up. In general approval should not take longer than two business days, and from what I hear it’s often faster (we streamlined the process). Let me know if you experience undue delay in the processing of your registered developer application.