noob, nvidia geforce gt 550m -> CUDA? nvidia geforce gt 550m -> CUDA?

Hello CUDA specalists,

is it possible to do some CUDA programming on the nvidia geforce gt 550m ?
at the CUDA site it says that the driver is provided by the manufacturerer (Dell I presume)
None of the CUDA examples in the SDK browser will run.
What do you thnk is the best and easiest way to do?
Should I switch to Linux an try there?


from The Netherlands

Hi Sam –

You should certainly be able to develop CUDA applications with your GeForce GT 550M. If the sample applications aren’t running, the first thing I would check is which GeForce driver version you’re using; you should be able to find this if you go into Control Panel, open the Nvidia Control Panel, then click the ‘System Information’ link in the bottom-left corner.

If you’re running an old version of the driver, check out the Dell support site (or whoever makes your laptop) and try to find an updated version there. If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the CUDA Toolkit/SDK, but you’re running an older driver, that’s almost certainly your problem.