Where can I find libcublas_device.so or libcublas_device.a?

I am trying to compile a library which is looking for libcublas_device.so and/or libcublas_device.a. Does this library exist for the Jetson AGX Xavier? If so, where can I find it?


libcublas is included in our CUDA toolkit.

Please make sure you have installed CUDA via our JetPack installer.
And link the library in the following folder:


I’ve installed CUDA 10.0 which came with JetPack 4.1.1 Developer Preview.

When I run:

sudo find / -iname 'libcublas*'

It never finds libcublas_device.so or libcublas_device.a. It finds the other CUDA libraries so I know it is installed properly.

I have a CMake file for the pastix package which fails because the FindCUDA function cannot find libcublas_device.

Where can I find libcublas_device?



Could you try the suggestion shared in this page?



cublas_device was depreciated in CUDA version 9.2

Thanks. I’ll update the CMake FindCUDA script as described in the link.

Hello. If cublas_device is not in cuda toolkit 10.0, then how can I use cublas inside a cuda kernel. And how to compile it?.


cublas_device is removed from CUDA 10.0.
If you want to use it, please use the previous release.

You can find this information in our release note: