Where is mget_temp in esxi mft installation?


I have several hpe esxi host, 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 version, all with installed latest mft and mst package.

I can not find mget_temp utility in /opt/mellanox directory.

I have also some Windows host and in that mft installation mget_temp is present.

All my mellanox adapters are mcx311a.

All esxi server use either hpe custom image or standard image.

Do I need a different package to get mget_temp in esxi??

Thank you in advance

Best Regards from Rome 😊



According to the RN of the latest MFT package (Rev 4.14.4) the mget_temp was added to rev 3.5.1.

Rev. 3.5.1

package content Added support for the following tools: mst, mlxfwmanager, itrace,

mlxtrace, mlxdump, mlxmcg, wqdump, mcra, mget_temp, pckt_drop,


If you have the latest MFT package installed and the utility is not there, most likely the mget_temp was indeed not added as a package feature.


Hi Sophie,

thank you for reply!

Is there an alternative package or utility to monitor the adapter in esxi host?


What exactly are you trying to monitor?

mlxlink (part of MFT package) is a good utility.


The mlxlink tool is used to check and debug link status and issues related to them.

The tool can be used on different links and cables (passive, active, transceiver and backplane).

Otherwise, you can also refer to the /var/log/vmknernel.log


I would like to read temperature of adapter.

I tried mlxlink but it reports “-E- Device is not supported”.

Are there other way to read ic temperature?

Thank you