Where should I file a NVCC bug report?

NVCC gives out the following message when I tried to compile my code:

Assertion failure at line 1036 of …/…/be/cg/NVISA/exp_loadstore.cxx:

Compiler Error in file /tmp/tmpxft_000014ab_00000000-7_testPA.cpp3.i during Code_Expansion phase:

NYI: deposit_bits for non-word size

nvopencc INTERNAL ERROR: /usr/local/cuda/open64/lib//be returned non-zero status 1

Where should I submit the bug, along with the code that causes the error?

You can/should submit it right here. You’ll need to verify that this reproduces with the CUDA_2.1 release, and then attach a test app, with build instructions that reproduces the failure.

The same error occurs with CUDA_2.1 release, both on Fedora 9 i686 and EL 5.2 x86_64.

I don’t want to make my code public here. Can I just email it to someone in the CUDA developing team?