Where to find Jetson developers?

Hi everyone,

Our team is looking to hire a Jetson developer to aid in turning our current prototype into an embedded system using the Xavier NX. This includes primarily writing camera drivers for the AR0234 sensor to be used with the Jetson.

Where is the best place to find people with experience developing drivers and Jetson specific embedded programs? We’ve had difficulty finding people with this skill set.

Thank you,

You can try to find the support from our ecosystem partners, see: Jetson Ecosystem | NVIDIA Developer

It looks like E-Con Systems sells the AR0234 camera and provides Xavier NX drivers already: Global Shutter Camera for Jetson Xavier NX / Orin NX / TX2 NX / Nano

Is this what you’re using? I’m not affiliated with them, but if you need help getting their driver package working, I’m happy to help – shoot me a message.