Need Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit promptly. Where can I get it?

Hi all.
I need the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit as soon as possible. Since this is currently difficult to get, I am thinking of buying the AVerMedia NX215B BoxPc (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier) as a replacement. Since this has the Jetson NX module built in.

Now I am wondering if I can work with it equally as with the dev kit? I assume that if only the module is installed, it does not include the NVIDIA software ((JetPackSDK = Jetson Linux Driver Package (L4T), Linux operating system, NVIDIA cuDNN and CUDA etc.). Is that right?

If so, what do I need to do so that I can use the replacement for object recognition with YOLO?

The partner devkit is similar funciton as our devkit, just the I/O peripherial design are different.
They have instructions to guide you to flash with they customized BSP and can install relevant SDK, inlcuding CUDA, CuDNN, TensorRT…etc.

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