Why can't I select AWS P3 instances?

Users who have created an Amazon account recently may face a problem of not being able to launch P3 instances. This is due to a limit enforced by Amazon for new users. You will see a message as below.

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To get over the problem log a request at the following URL:


Request a “Service Limit Increase”, Limit Type as “EC2 Instances” and choose appropriate Region, P3 Instance Type and number you want to run at one time.

Refer to snapshot below.
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Why does Amazon make users jump through these hoops to use p instances?

You have to request a limit increase for every p type you want to use.

We can’t answer that question for Amazon. Recent interest in the use of GPU’s for cryptocurrency mining has increased demand for GPUs worldwide and as a result, cloud providers have been forced to increase the security around GPU access.