Why I can not see any point in my roofline chart?

Here, why my result point disappear? I am using tensor core, I guess it is too fast, so it disappear? How can I find it?

Hi, @202476410arsmart

Can you please share your report ?

output-file-full-15MB.nsight-cuprof-report.zip (1.3 MB)
OK, like this one, I know it can be very slow, but at least we should be able to see the point in roofline, right?

Other files testing tensor core for matmul(which should be fast) also can not see the point. But let’s start with this case first. Thanks!!!

Hi, @202476410arsmart

I checked your report, you only got 1 chart. But if you want to check TensorCore related roofline chart, you should see this

Can you get a latest NCU to have a try ? (Please make sure roofline section is enabled also). Thanks !

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Thank you! I get it!

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