Why isaac sim runs so slow with RTX 4090?

I try to run a mobile robot simulation in isaac sim 2022.2.1, but when I send the /cmd_vel command using the keyboard, the simulation runs very slowly, and the fps is only 0.8. How do I configure isaac sim to solve my problem? Thanks!

The result is shown as follow:

My PC configuration

  1. Nvidia driver-525.116.04

  2. NVIDIA RTX 4090

@sszheng0 i am just another user passing through - have you tried using “RTX - Realtime” to see if you are getting the same performance?

also, there was an older post that might shed some light as to some of the aspects you can consider to help improve the simulation performance.

Thanks for your reply! The Isaac sim can run at 90 FPS with “RTX - Realtime” mode. Thanks a lot! and these is a related post about “RTX - Realtime” and “RTX-Interactive Path Tracing” Inconsistent Simulation Speeds in Movie Capture Extension

that’s a good read as well! you didnt mention rendering, so i didn’t want to assume too much and only wanted to focus on the simulation aspect. glad you are having better perf using Realtime 👍

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