Why nsight does not give the 'Memory statics' when I profile a kernel?

I am profiling a kernel with Nsight Eclipse Edition 9.1 on a Maxwell Compute capacity 5.2. When I select a kernel, the analysis toolbar shows ‘kernel performance limiter’, kernel latency… and kernel profile. But it does not show the “Memory Statistics” and the overview chart. Is there any setting I make a mistake or omitted? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Hi, zzhuae

Memory Statistics analysis is enabled since 9.2. You can’t see the option with CUDA 9.1

Thank you for your reply.
Really? But I also see the overview chart on an tutorial shown in CUDA 5.5 http://calcul.math.cnrs.fr/IMG/pdf/CUDA-Optimization-Julien-Demouth.pdf.
After all, thank you. I will update and see what will happen.