How to show memory chart info after profiling using nv-nsight-cu-cli?

I have used nv-nsight-cu-cli to get profiling information when executing some cuda kernels on Jetson Xavier. According to the user guide, I can get profiling result (one file called profile.nsight-cuprof-report) and then show it in GUI in another machine by using nv-nsight-cu. However, I cannot see the detained information in the “memory workload analysis” section, as shown in the figure in attachment.

My question is: How can I do some configuration and settings so that I can see these information not shown in the figure?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the late update.

1. Please help to check if you enable the memory-related profiling when collects the data.

2. Please also noticed that some memory profiling function is not supported on the Jetson platform.
You can find some information here: