Why Nvidia driver messes up Linux distro boot process?

Really simple question.

On laptops , we have to set Windows acpi variables to get it work. Kernel people says that is not our problem , that is Nvidia’s problem. And that issue is there for so long.

So is there any awareness of it from driver team or just choosing to look at the other side?

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple driver problem, this goes a little bit deeper, into acpi.
Warning, unsolicited personal opinions following.

Now what is acpi? Put simply, Microsoft asked Intel for a low level API to configure hardware and Intel said, sure, we specify it. Hen and egg, I can’t tell if Microsoft implemented what Intel specified or the other way round. The point is, the specification is ambigous at best [1].
Bios programmers/hardware manufacturers then have to implement that. Don’t know if they have deeper insight how Microsoft interpretes the specification but they still only try to match what Windows makes of it. And more often than not even miss that [1].
Now Linux or better said ACPICA (the open implementation of an acpi interpreter by INTEL(!?) which is included in the Linux kernel) tries to mimic what Windows{2001,2009,2012,2013,2015,2016, whatever} interpretes, which is often an edge case of the specification but within. So they have to think like…other people would.
Looking at the incidents in this forum, doing the maths and look for what manufacturers not to buy should be simple. [1], those didn’t. Or didn’t want to pay them adequately.
The CEO of Nvidia said, Nvidia is a software company. They’re also creating hardware. Fit where needed.

[1] Politely said, good people are hard to find.

So it is a Linux problem indeed?

Then why same brands with AMD cards on laptops , are not forcing people to use acpi variables? With both closed driver and open drivers. Same with Intel HD only laptops and same if you use Nouveau.

If you look at that way , that is clearly an issue caused by a " software company which also creates hardware "