why the default frequency of main core is only [1.122GHz, 2.3205GHz]

Hi. I am just curious about why the frequency of main core is only from 1.122GHz to 2.3205GHz, but I can force it running from 0.204GHz to 1.092GHz via setting scaling_max_feq and scaling_min_feq. Why the frequencies from 0.204GHz to 1.092GHz are not recommended?

Hi yma1,
The main core CPUs(G cluster) can run from 0.204GHz to 2.3205GHz, user can force it to run between the freq that you set. See: http://elinux.org/Jetson/Performance
It depends on what kind of use case that you designed, and should limit the max freq for power saving purpose.
If your device will be connected with the power cable always, then your consideration should be run TK1 with the best/max performance than limit the max freq.


Generally, DVFS will change the CPU/RAM/etc frequency according to system loading. Max CPU frequency is decided by the SOC. BSP will maximize it to gain max performance when system loading is high.