Wide Angle Stereo Cam vs. Low Distortion Stereo Cam for Stereoscopic Depth Estimation

Which camera do you recommend for Stereoscopic Depth Estimation (for a drone) with the 2gb Jetson Nano?

Wide Angle: https://www.arducam.com/product/arducam-1mp2-wide-angle-stereo-camera-for-raspberry-pi-jetson-nano-and-xavier-nx-dual-ov9281-monochrome-global-shutter-camera-module/


Low Distortion: https://www.arducam.com/product/arducam-1mp-stereo-camera-for-raspberry-pi-nvidia-jetson-nano-xavier-nx-dual-ov9281-monochrome-global-shutter-camera-module/

hello shawnmci,

this depends-on your own use-case.
I can tell both of them having hardware level dual camera synchronization, the depth map calculation mostly done by the software, you should review your implementation to check which is your consideration.

here’s a table lists cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform, please contact with partners for your camera solutions,

Thank you for the info! I will look over the table list in your link.

I wasn’t clear earlier, but I’m actually looking for advice on whether to use wide angle cameras or low distortion cameras for depth estimation in an autonomous drone.

My use case is: I would like to make a (relatively) inexpensive, autonomous drone that uses stereoscopic camera vision for depth estimation, and has the least likelihood of bumping into things.

Wide angle lens’s would allow the drone to “see” more, but may cause so much distortion that depth estimation is unpredictable. Low distortion lens’s would probably yield more accurate depth estimations, but they would “see” less. I was hoping someone who has already gone down this road may have some real world advice about wide angle vs. low distortion for this application.

Separately, I’m also concerned that the 2gb Jetson Nano may have a very low depth estimation frame rate. Has anyone done stereoscopic depth estimation with a 2gb Nano? Care to share your experience?

I apologize if I still haven’t given enough info. I’m very new to this, and don’t know what I’m doing.

hello shawnmci,

I cannot answer it.
please contact with camera partners, or let forum developer to share their experiences,

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