[advice needed for uni graduation project] Depth mapping with the Jetson Nano

hey guys ! me and my team are making our graduation project for uni , and we need depth mapping in it, (calculate distances for parking, as we are making a parking assistant, we will also use ultrasonic sensors with the camera), and we were thinking about getting the jetson nano B01, and we have some questions we hope someone answers and give us advice (really needed):

  1. Is there a way to measure distances by using 2 cameras ? how hard will that be ?
  2. does the jetson nano have ports for 2 cameras ?
  3. what camera module do you suggest we get ?
  4. should we use a stereo camera instead ?(i could not find one for the jetson nano online, if you know one please help us).
  5. are there libraries available that could help us with any of that ?

thanks in advance, anyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

hello thomas1871997,

please refer to Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide, there’re two camera connectors of Nano B01 developer kit.
Nano platform support Raspberry Pi camera v2 IMX219 camera modules, you can connect dual rbpcv2 to have couple camera stream. However, these two did not have frame-sync hardware pin. you’d better to consider dual camera with frame-sync pin for better stereo results.
you should refer to ZED SDK for Jetson Nano for your depth image solutions.