Wifi problem

Hi, I’m trying to connect wifi and lan camera together on Jetson nano. Sometimes they work but sometime do don’t, and wifi seems to not working. Wifi shows connect but internet does not work, cannot do browsing. And in this case when wifi does not work, as soon as I click on my wifi network it starts working, and also when I disconnect my lan it starts working. Please can you give any permanent solution for this problem.

Do you mean the wired network affects your wifi network?

Yes, wired network camera affects my Wifi,

Is it a IP collision? Your wired network has similar IP as your wifi?

No my ip camera has while my wifi has

Can you share the subnet mask of both your wifi and your wired LAN?

Can you share us the dmesg when wifi not works?

Also, can you share us the dmesg log when you disable LAN and let wifi work again?

Can you specify the command because it seems to be a very long output,
this one is when wifi not working

and this one when I disconnect lan and Wifi works again

dmesg > log.txt

And attach the log here.

Lan and wifi connected but wifi not working.
log_1.txt (58.5 KB)
Lan disconnected and Wifi working:
log_2.txt (58.5 KB)
Lan and Wifi connected and both working:
log_3.txt (58.4 KB)

From kernel driver side, the log is same in log_1 and log_2. Thus, please also try to check syslog (/var/log/syslog), record the timestamp and check what happens at that time to cause wifi disconnect.

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