Will 32-bit PGI Visual Fortran work on Windows 10 64 bit PC

Currently I am using PGI Visual Fortran version 15.10, 32 bit compiler on a 64-bit PC with Windows 8.1.


If I install Windows 10 in my PC, will I be able to download and install the very same compiler (PGI Visual Fortran version 15.10, 32 bit)? IN other words, does the same compiler work on Windows 10 machine?

Our fortran code is huge and it takes time to move to 64 bit compiler. We may have to move to Windows 10 before moving from 32 bit to 64 bit Fortran compiler.

Giang Nong

Hi Giang Nong,

I’m thinking you’ll want to use PVF version 16.10. The 2016 compilers were the first to support Win10 and 16.10 was the last to include the 32-bit compilers. (32-bit support was dropped in 17.1).