Will Jetson nano run mainline kernel and will it work with libgpiod

I have some questions before purchasing the Jetson Nano.

  1. Will it run mainline kernel 5.4 and up and ubuntu 20.04 LTS or higher release.

  2. Can the GPIO pins be controlled with the chardev lgpiod.h

  3. Where is all the information with the parameters for building a device tree and overlays?

    4.Is the PCIe interface GEN4 NVMe speeds ?

  4. Does NVIDIA provide image / kernel building tools like Khadas does with their Fenix tool.

  5. What is the EoL (end of life date) for this model?

Thank you in advance for any help regarding my questions.

No, please refer to Jetson Software Roadmap for 2H-2021 and 2022 - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Please see the Lifecycle page on the Jetson Developer Zone for module lifecycle.
For devkit EOL, we will have the EOL notice before 6 months ago, such as
EOL Notice for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson TX1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thank you for sharing that.

Where can I find the .dtsi, dts, dtb source that is for the Jetpack 5.0 release with ubuntu 20.04.

Only ask because one of the roadblocks we have ran into with competitive SBC’s the lack of documentation regarding the device tree and what can be exposed along with the parameters. The Pi is very well documented regarding that but their hardware is not at the level we need for our products.

The roadmap for Jet-pack 5.0 was not clear if that is headless server or desktop Ubuntu 20.04, we use both.

You can find it in l4t archive webpage.

Thank for the information.

Clicked on the link to buy and all of the legitimate sources shown are out of stock. Does NVIDIA have a direct channel so we can purchase these direct for evaluation?

I am not sure what is out of stock here… my reply to you is for the dtsi and dts source code…

Yes, the it was about the device tree files.

Assumed since your badge is NVIDIA you are an employee and could also provide some additional assistance regarding the purchasing the Dev. Boards, sorry.

Sorry, we’re just supporting SW/HW enginering issue in forum, no others.

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