Will vGPU release 13.2 include support for RHEL 8.5?

I’m running RHEL 8.5 with KVM, and it looks like the current release (13.1 from Nov 2021) only supports RHEL 8.4.

What’s the likelihood that 13.2 will include support for RHEL 8.5? I’m trying to decide if I should just wait, or if I should downgrade to RHEL 8.4.

It seems that nvidia does minor version releases of the vGPU software every 2-3 months, so does that mean we might see 13.2 around Jan or Feb of 2022?


If you want to test RHEL with KVM today I would recommend downgrading to RHEL 8.4 and use vGPU 13.1.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on future releases of vGPU software and what OSes they will or will not support.


Understood, thanks