Window content is black

It looks like the Linux Ubuntu bug ( compiz, Bug #1072206)
Description of this bug below shows the same behavior on my system.
My system: Windows 10 64 bit 1709, 2 nVidia Geforce 1080
Tested and occurred with nVidia driver 388.71 and 387.92

Bug description:
[ Impact ]

With nVidia hardware from time to time window content is rendered black. The problem manifests more frequently as session uptime increases.

Apparently the problem was caused by textures being cached and not freed, resulting in memory exhaustion conditions. It turns out the texture caching is unnecessary anyway.

[ Test Case ]

Verification requires an nVidia GPU with proprietary drivers. The problem can not be reproduced at will, only after some time (depending on resident GPU memory and usage) and even then only randomly and unreliably.