Windows 7 Black Screen, then Windows 10 code 43 error

I just built s system. Clean install of windows 7 and after it updates my video drivers for my 760 4gb EVGA SC Card, I get black screen after windows logo on startup. I manage to get windows 10 installed and now it gives me a code 43 error on card. Motherboard does not have internal video. I will leave the specs below. The pc worked with windows 7 at first until a recent update and then all of a sudden black screen. I have tried all the suggestions I could find on google. ie. Starting in safe mode, clearing bios etc etc. Nothing seems to work. Now with windows 10 at least the screen works but the video card hardware shows up as a code 43 and can’t play games.

FX-4300 <Overclocked to 4 GHZ
MSI 970 Gamer MB
EVGA GTX 760 4GB SuperSC
8GB Dominator Ram 2133 MHz
1 TB WD Green HD
Corsair H60
Thermaltake 650watt Bronze PSU
Thermaltake Commander G42 Case
PCI-e x1 Wireless Card