CUDA 10.1 Windows 10 Black Screen


we just installed the latest CUDA version on one of our Workstations, however after a reboot of the machine all we see is a black screen (we see the BIOS, and the Windows Boot logo, as soon as the login screen should show up its all black)

We tried (over RDP):
-removing the whole CUDA software suite
-removing the driver
-removing the driver via device manager
-trying several driver versions (The one that comes with windows update: 399.24, latest game ready: 430.39, latest creator: 419.67)

it works on one monitor when there isn’t a driver installed, it even works if we install any driver, but as soon as we reboot we come to the blackscreen again.

Does anyone have an idea how to get it back to work? With or withoud CUDA - we don’t care at this point if CUDA is installed on the device or not.

Windows 10 v1803 x64
GTX 1060
2x DELL U2717D (1x DP, 1x HDMI)