win10+gtx 1080 got black screen during install cuda 8.0

win10+gtx 1080

I install cuda 9.0 first successfully. Then I found that tensorflow 1.4 support cuda 8.0 only. So I uninstall 9.0 and install 8.0 again.

But every time, I got black screen during installing. I even tried to uninstall all the gpu dirvers and reinstall the driver from nvidia official website. But it didn’t work.

Help !!!

Go back to where you had CUDA 9.0 installed successfully.

Then install the CUDA 8 toolkit, but deselect the option in the installer to install the CUDA 8 driver. Keep the driver that was installed by the CUDA 9 installer.

Hii…Guys…!this is Sagar Petro
i have the same problm…when ever install cuda8.0 on windows10 get Blackscreen more then 1hour
and i don’t no extactly what can i do …plz help me installation process…