You dont support 740 M in Windows 10 ?

is there any people to solve code 43 ? 3 months ago this topic was created. Why this problem is continue. anybody known that? pls answer me!

I have the same issue.

On october 14th I played CS:GO Ok. Yesterday I tried to play and got Code 43, and now I`m trying so many things and nothing seems to work.

Windows 10, ASUS S551L, 740M, pretty much the same problem as this one:

Please anyone help?

I have the same problem too on my Dell Vostro 5470.

I just finish clean install my windows 10.

Tried driver from Dell driver download page, not working.

Then I use DDU to uninstall the drivers.

Then I try latest official driver from intel and nvidia, not working too…

This is a list of what I tried:

  1. win 8.1 64bit drivers from Dell
  2. win 10 64bit drivers from Dell
  3. win 10 64bit drivers from Intel & Nvidia
  4. BIOS is updated
  5. driver install via windows update

non of them work, oh my god…