GTX 460 code 43 on Win 10

I have a GTX 660 with 3 Monitors and a GTX 460 with 2 Monitors. Works fine with Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10 the GTX 460 Card does not work anymore. The device Manager Shows code 43 for this Card. NVIDIA Driver Version 353.62

I reinstalled the nvidia Drivers (using DDU tool) and reinstalled it. But Problem still exists.

Any idea? Many Thx!

I have had the same problem, The solution: The newest driver has most likely some problems so you need to choose an older driver in way to let the display driver(gtx460) work.

How to:
Right click the windows icon -> Device manager
Search for Display Adapters -> GTX 460 -> right click and press properties
Go to the tab driver and look for Update Driver
In the pop-up menu: Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list…
Select an older driver for me i had 2 options 1. The new driver ( and the (
Choose the older one the (9.18…) and restart the computer that fixed it for me.

hopefully it works for you to! Good luck

See this thread:

choose an R340 driver that is compatible with both of your GPUs. It should resolve the problem in win10.

Thank you Greamsy, that helped a big step further.
I did as you said up to the Point where you had the 2 Options and At this Point I got the Options GTX 460 Driver and Microsoft Basic Display Driver (compatible devices button checked). Both of These Options did not work. I browsed the Internet for the Driver and installed it. And it worked! Awesome!

I guess this older Driver is actually not for Win 10 and will not provide DirectX 12 Support, right? However it is a solution for now. I hope that NVIDIA will come up with a fix for win 10.

Thank you for your Response!

Thank you txbob. Not sure what an R340 Driver is. The appears to be good for both GPU’s. But this is actually for Win 7. Is there any newer one you recommend to try? is a R340 driver. If you look closely at that string you will see: 3.40

If you read the other thread I linked, it gave an explanation for what is going on. Stick with an R340 driver until NVIDIA (later) provides a driver that supports both Fermi devices (your GTX 460) and Kepler devices (your GTX 660) on WDDM 2.0.

Glad it worked out, I use the 460 only as support for my 2nd and 3rd monitor so i don’t need the newest driver for gaming therefor i use my 770

Hey Guys! I’ve just registered only to say the biggest thank you! The trick with that 340.52 version worked as a charm! I love you guys, and fuck forced windows 10 :D (660+460 for displays only :-) )

With the new driver version 355.60 the code 43 problem still exists. So back on 340.52…

Glad it worked for you OCYXY, I have the next problem as well I run GTA V on my GTX 770 but it crashes with the old driver and with the new driver it workes perfecly fine so now I have to fix that. I will try the BETA version of the new driver and see what that does.

Here my further experiences with the latest driver versions:
My Windows 10 setup is still:
GTX 660 - 3 monitors
GTX 460 - 2 monitors

The code 43 problem on the GTX 460 persisted until I installed driver version 358.50. With this driver the code 43 error went away and the 2 monitors attached to my GTX 460 card worked fine. So far so good.

The problem came back when I installed 358.87. So I went back to 358.50 and all good.

Today I installed 358.91 and got my well known code 43 problem back.

Obviously the NVIDA patches are not cumulative which I find not good at all!

I have Windows 10 installed along with 2 video cards.

My 980 is my primary card that I use for gaming and my 460 is being used for Physics.

I too have received the error 43 upon updating past the 358.50 drivers so I guess it’s good that it’s not just me having the issue, but this needs to be looked into because my drivers crash at least once a day when I haven’t had that issue in the past year or two, at least not to the same degree as it is now.

I’m happy that DirectX 12 allows us to use mismatched cards in a system, even if the potential has yet to be reached, the groundwork has been laid for some amazing possibilities, but it does no good if the drivers cause issues.