Evga 285 gtx not working on windows 7 Partition - Please Help! Driver Problems

Hi everyone!

I’m having some issues installing my 285 gtx card on the windows 7 partition on my Mac Pro (Snow Leopard early 2009 8-core).
Once I install the new windows 7 (64-bit) drivers on the nvidia website- the windows startup screen remains black and irresponsive.
Is there a fix coming for this issue? Or is it safe to say that this card is now obsolete and not worth the time and effort to keep up to date?

On the Mac side of the spectrum. I’m having some issues loading up octane render. It keeps saying that there isn’t a cuda device installed. Well, I have the latest drivers installed and I don’t know what to do next.
Any suggestions?



I installed via VMWare Fusion and had no troubles.
When I booted straight into Windows 7 and updated the driver from NVIDIA, I too got the black screen.

Now, I can’t quite remember what solved it - as I mucked about with a few different solutions. One was logging back into Windows via Fusion and removing the drivers.
Another thing which causes a black screen is that you have to use the correct connection on the video card. While my Mac can boot and use whichever port is active, Windows didn’t like one, once I swapped the video cable over to the other port, voila! Black screen gone!