Windows Driver for Pascal 391.29 will not install with ESXi 6.5 and GRID 5.2

I’m trying to install the latest Windows Driver (391.20) for my p40 on a Windows 10 VM, running in VMWare ESXi6.5 and GRID 5.2. Installing the driver tells me that it can’t find compatible hardware. The only version that I am able to install is 386.09.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that would let me install 391.29 on my VDI?



The vGPU uses mediated (paravirtualized) driver that needs specific version of NVidia proprietary protocol (VGX) between guest and host. You need the compatible VGX version and enhanced drivers with VGX protocol support. NVidia supports only combination that is released in GRID package (eg. for GRID 5.2 - 384.111 host driver and 386.09 win guest driver) but sometimes it works also other win guest driver with compatible VGX protocol (due to “unified driver”) but only in the same “branch release” line (see: GRID 6.0 was released few days ago with driver with 390.42 host driver and 391.03 win guest driver (see You should upgrade to GRID 6.0.