vGPU Driver Pairing for ESXi 6.5 and Windows 10 Query


I’ve downloaded the vSphere 6.5 package that included these 2 drivers:


The version numbers are different, 450.102 vs 452.77 but it came from the same download package. Documentation says to have the same version on the ESXi host and the Windows 10 virtual machine. Like the “Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with NIVIDIA GPUs and VMware vSphere” which says:

“Download the NVIDIA guest driver installer package to the VM. Ensure that it matches the version of the installed NVIDIA VIB on ESXi”

Can I pair the above 2 drivers in my current environment where ESXI is 6.5 U3 and VMs are Windows 10?


Host and guest driver version always defer :) Therefore we have the package to make sure you get the right versions.

Ok, thanks.