WINDOWS : p106-100 problems

Will nvidia release a new driver that is compatible with p106-100 so it can utilize CUDA 9.

The only working version is 382.xx which is CUDA 8

Or I have to switch to linux to get support by linux driver

Sorry if I posted on the wrong thread I’m new.

Yes, come to the dark side!
We have cookies.
Kidding aside, ask your vendor, or try this one:

yep tried it cant overclock gpuz cant read any info
the only working version is 328.xx

hey i’m really new to linux is it hard to overclock in there ?

With Pascal series in general and especially the P106, hard to impossible.
Edit: maybe ask this user:
Seems Morgiana has P106 overclocked working. While other users reported theirs to stay in idle (P8) while trying to do so.