Windows7 64bit cuda10 2080Ti vs2015

CPU is Xeon E5, windows7,vs2015,CUDA10,GPU is RTX 2080Ti. here is my question, i create a template program addwithcuda,and it compile success with cuda10 ,but run with errors “cudaUnknownError”,i am confused that did win7 do not support 2080Ti?,i only know that cuda10 support 2080Ti, when i install cuda 10, there are not any warnings, but it can not run what should i do, did win7 donot support 2080Ti?

can anyone help me?

Win7 does support RTX2080ti.

Try running your programme from cuda-memcheck and see if it finds any errors:

cuda-memcheck myprog

my program is an template program and the cuda code will be fine, it return cudaUnkonwError at the cudaSetDevice(0), i also run the devicequerry in the cudasamples, it also return cudaUnkonwError(30) at cudaGetDeviceCount,i also run nvidia-smi.exe, the result is 'Failed to initalize NVML:Not Found ’

This possibly indicates incorrect driver version: cuda - nvidia-smi Failed to initialize NVML: GPU access blocked by the operating system - Stack Overflow

What driver version are you using?

i am using the latest driver,461,and i also try 460,it also Failed to initalize NVML:Not Found ,now i am trying 452.